Pictures from the Last Two Weeks

We apologize for the lack of pictures! The author of this blog has been on vacation and hasn’t had very much internet access. Here are some pictures of the kitchen over the past two weeks; you can clearly the progression we are making!

Day 20:

Wall coverings East wall Wall coverings South wall

Day 22:

North wall taped and spackled West wall taped and spackled

Day 28:

Stainless cabinets with protective covering on south wall - installed Stainless wall panels with protective covering on north wall - installed

Day 30:

Floor tiles installed around grease trap Floor tiles installed

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Electrical Work

We are two weeks into the renovation and we have done much of the electrical work! It is exciting to see some of this work, as it is often the unseen parts of a house. Take a look at some of the pictures of the work below!

Electrical - looking toward cabinet wall 2 Electrical - refrigerator wall 2Electrical - looking toward Pantry 2 Electrical - old pass through to Dining Room 2

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One Week In!

We’re one week into the renovation! We’ve been fortunate to not have had any major surprises so far and everything seems to be progressing relatively smoothly. The kitchen looks quite a bit different now after the demolition work as you can see from the pictures below!

Acacia kitchen East Wall - Day 5 Acacia kitchen South West corner- Day 5Acacia kitchen South Wall - Day 5 Acacia kitchen floor South Wall - Day 5

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Renovation Begins!

This week has brought us the beginning of the renovation project! The contractors came in early on Monday, ready to work, and they have already rapidly proceeded with the first step: demolition. All of the current furnishings must first be removed, the floor must be jackhammered, and any surprises must be discovered and assessed. Unlike most summers, Northcote’s kitchen is not available for use for the summer residents, but we hope that the active brothers find this a worthwhile sacrifice to have a brand new kitchen in the fall!

We are fortunate to not have had too many unexpected surprises. The ones that have arisen so far have only incurred small additional cost to the project and perhaps more importantly, have not been dangerous (there were some unexpected circuits that resulted in sparks flying around, but no one was injured).

We remain optimistic that the project can be completed at its originally planned cost, but we also know that Northcote brings many unexpected surprises. That is why we continue to fundraise, and we hope that non-donors will consider making a contribution, and that current donors will consider raising their donation to the next tier (many are very close to the next tier – donations sum together!). Below are some pictures of the kitchen following removal of the furnishings and the beginning of the demolition work – as you can see, the kitchen has worn down SIGNIFICANTLY, and this is why we are doing this project. We count on your support to see the project to completion!

Acacia kitchen facing East during demolition 2 Acacia kitchen facing Northwest during demolition 2 Acacia kitchen facing range hood during demolition Acacia kitchen facing window during demolition Acacia kitchen facing Dining Room during demolition Acacia kitchen facing Northwest during demolition

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Architectural Diagrams!

We’ve received our architectural diagrams from Claudia Brenner! It is extremely exciting to be able to see all of our work coming together and we are very happy. Check out the bird’s-eye-view below!

Architectural Diagram Page 1

You can see some of the many changes we’ve made to the current kitchen layout, including a modernized door (rather than two doors), a practical sink arrangement, and a new cabinet layout.

We’ll be making some minor changes before moving forward to obtaining the permits necessary to conduct out renovation. The work begins in just about a month! Thank you to those that have contributed so far to make this possible for us, and for those haven’t, please consider making a contribution and helping us finish this project!

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Architect, Furnishings, and Lighting!

We have made rapid and very significant progress after finalizing our contractor a few short weeks ago!

Most excitingly, we have signed a contract to work with Claudia Brenner, a local architect. Claudia and her team will be working with us to design the kitchen, draft the design, and give approval to the design so that we can move forward with the project. It is mandatory for us to have an architect as part of our renovation and we are excited to be working with a highly recommended architect!

In addition to working with Claudia, we will be furnishing our kitchen through B&W Supply, which we have worked with previously successfully before. Finally, we will be working with Friedman Electric for our lighting needs as we seek a modernized lighting scheme for the kitchen.

Check back to hear about the exciting and rapid progress we make as we work with these agencies – we are progressing each and every day!

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100 Donors and Contractor Decision!

We have achieved quite a feat- over 100 donors to this Kitchen Renovation Campaign! We are ecstatic and are extremely pleased with the donor count. Thank you for your support for Cornell Acacia!

We have also chosen our contractor for this project after a rigorous process. We will be working with Canzler Contracting for this renovation – we have previously worked with them for several major projects in Northcote and their expertise and price was the optimum combination. We are now working with lighting specialists and architects as we rapidly progress forward.

Look forward to an article about the Kitchen Renovation in the upcoming spring Traveler!

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