Renovation Begins!

This week has brought us the beginning of the renovation project! The contractors came in early on Monday, ready to work, and they have already rapidly proceeded with the first step: demolition. All of the current furnishings must first be removed, the floor must be jackhammered, and any surprises must be discovered and assessed. Unlike most summers, Northcote’s kitchen is not available for use for the summer residents, but we hope that the active brothers find this a worthwhile sacrifice to have a brand new kitchen in the fall!

We are fortunate to not have had too many unexpected surprises. The ones that have arisen so far have only incurred small additional cost to the project and perhaps more importantly, have not been dangerous (there were some unexpected circuits that resulted in sparks flying around, but no one was injured).

We remain optimistic that the project can be completed at its originally planned cost, but we also know that Northcote brings many unexpected surprises. That is why we continue to fundraise, and we hope that non-donors will consider making a contribution, and that current donors will consider raising their donation to the next tier (many are very close to the next tier – donations sum together!). Below are some pictures of the kitchen following removal of the furnishings and the beginning of the demolition work – as you can see, the kitchen has worn down SIGNIFICANTLY, and this is why we are doing this project. We count on your support to see the project to completion!

Acacia kitchen facing East during demolition 2 Acacia kitchen facing Northwest during demolition 2 Acacia kitchen facing range hood during demolition Acacia kitchen facing window during demolition Acacia kitchen facing Dining Room during demolition Acacia kitchen facing Northwest during demolition

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