As can be seen here, the kitchen, albeit functional, very much requires a modernization:


We plan not just to redo the interior and purchase modern appliances, but also to revamp the electrical work, the floor, the ceiling, and even alter the walls as we are considering the option of moving the grease trap outside (and subsequently rerouting the plumbing to it). Note that this is not just an aesthetic project! We wish to transform the kitchen into an entity fit for not just this generation of actives, but generations to come. In doing so, we hope to help foster a fraternal experience much like what we as alums were so fortunate to have at Acacia.

The first phase of the renovation is to arrive at a design by inquiring at various local contractors. One such example of a design is below, sketched by Randy Lawrence at B&W Supply:

Acacia kitchen sketch.jpg

After selecting a design, we will be able to finalize a budget and proceed with obtaining the necessary materials/labor and setting dates for the construction.