Northcote has been Acacia’s home for over eighty years, having been our official housing since 1934.  Over the years, she has had many facelifts and enhancements, meeting the individual needs of each era. The combination of her rich history yet modern facilities has made Northcote a bijou amongst its peers and a truly wonderful residence for hundreds and hundreds of Acacians.

Yet with all of the improvements to Northcote that have been made over the years, one crucial element has been left untouched – the kitchen. Despite possibly experiencing some of the heaviest usage by residents, it was found that much of it was from its original construction in the 1960s! A committee was quickly formed to tackle its renovation, and we decided that there was no better time to revivify the kitchen than for our 110th anniversary.

Thus, with great excitement and anticipation, our committee wishes to announce Acacia 110th: Kitchen Renovation. Modeled after the success of the Centennial Campaign, the goal is to raise $110,000 to fully fund the renovation by August of 2017. Each and every dollar will be spent on the design, construction, and purchases necessary to bring the kitchen up to par with the modernity of the rest of Northcote.