Quick March Update!

We’ve had many donations over the past few weeks and we just wanted to post a quick update of the participation by class, as it was requested by some of our more competitive donors:


We are now at 51 classes (including Little Sisters and Sweethearts) represented! It is simply amazing to see that we can represent almost half a century in this Campaign.

We’d also like to recognize Alan Pue (1973) for becoming the second individual to join our Patrons of Gastronomy ($2500 – $5000), the Class of 2015 for becoming the first class to reach 75% participation, and Greg Schultz (2019) for becoming the first active to contribute to our Campaign!

Thank you all as always for your contributions!

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$30,000 Milestone!

We have reached the $30,000 milestone, thanks to a flurry of recent donations and several pledged donations (we apologize for the delay in updating the Kitchen Supporters page)! We would particularly like to thank William Utic (1977), who is the first to join our 110th Society ($5000+) and David Fischell (1975), who is the first to join our Patrons of Gastronomy ($2500 – $5000).

We are getting very close to 100 total donors (currently at 91!) – if you haven’t made a contribution yet, please consider doing so and help us get there!

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Selecting a Contractor

We’ve been making good progress on the contractor front, with currently three contractors having provided us with their bids. We provided them with a detailed Statement of Work, which committee members Steve Stein and Tom Schultz put together to outline all of the necessary components of this renovation. It’s amazing how many parts there are to a kitchen – from the obvious elements, such as the installation of new cabinets, to the hidden, such as drain pipes for water and waste.

We will be comparing these bids to determine how they measure up to each other, as well as whether there are any elements that we have forgotten or can save money on. We want to get this perfect, and we think that selecting a contractor is perhaps one of the most important decisions in this renovation. If you have any suggestions as we try to pick our contractor, let us know!

Finally, we do have to note that we will of course need to have the funds available in order to move forward with this project. Thank you to all those that have contributed thus far and for those that have thought of contributing but have not had the opportunity to do so yet, now is the best time!

We also are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible for celebrating our fraternity’s 110th anniversary in August – please RSVP to our Facebook event so we can plan the festivities!

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January Update

We hope 2017 has been going well for all of you! As an update, we wanted to post a new percentage donating by class as we have not posted one in some time.


We’ve seen gains across the board and we have encompassed $20,000! We look forward to continue our work through this year 🙂

We have also recently tweaked our biweekly meeting schedule to fit the time commitments of the committee members in a better way. Let us know if you would like to join us – we love to hear feedback and our meetings are completely open to all!

Look forward to some more updates soon as we move forward with selecting a contractor for the project! Recently, we have finally had our drains scoped (with some interesting findings) and are waiting to receive an electronic copy of the results (so that we have it for perpetuity).

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Happy December!

It’s December! Hard to believe the year is almost done. We hope everyone had a joyous Thanksgiving with family and friends!

We’ve updated the list of supporters with the dozen and a half donations we’ve received over the past few weeks; we apologize for the delays! We now have a new, oldest contributor in William Pendarvis, from the class of 1947 (yes, from the 1940s!). This kind of lifelong commitment fills our hearts with joy – thank you to all of you for joining us on this journey!

On our end, we have finalized a statement of work which we have sent out to contractors that have expressed interest in working with us. We hope to make a decision by the end of this year on which contractor we will be working with!

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Facebook Group

We’ve made a Facebook Group for this Kitchen Renovation, which we are using as a source for information, discussions, polls and more! It is a closed group but any one can join – please take a look and join us! We hope we can use it as a way of getting feedback and incorporating your ideas as we proceed forward.

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$15,000 Milestone!

We have now reached another milestone – $15,000 raised from 67 donors! These are exciting numbers, and we are looking forward to continuing on this momentum.

Here is an update with percentage donating by class:


We’d like to particularly recognize the classes of 1991, 2012, and 2015 – these three classes have arrived at or exceeded 50% participation!

We are thankful to have over 60 years of Acacians represented as donors; thank you for believing in us! We are excited and hope you are as well. Each and every contribution is recognized and appreciated!

Finally, look for us in the upcoming Traveler, which should be arriving at your doorstep shortly. We have a four-page spread about the kitchen renovation!

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