Facebook Group

We’ve made a Facebook Group for this Kitchen Renovation, which we are using as a source for information, discussions, polls and more! It is a closed group but any one can join – please take a look and join us! We hope we can use it as a way of getting feedback and incorporating your ideas as we proceed forward.

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$15,000 Milestone!

We have now reached another milestone – $15,000 raised from 67 donors! These are exciting numbers, and we are looking forward to continuing on this momentum.

Here is an update with percentage donating by class:


We’d like to particularly recognize the classes of 1991, 2012, and 2015 – these three classes have arrived at or exceeded 50% participation!

We are thankful to have over 60 years of Acacians represented as donors; thank you for believing in us! We are excited and hope you are as well. Each and every contribution is recognized and appreciated!

Finally, look for us in the upcoming Traveler, which should be arriving at your doorstep shortly. We have a four-page spread about the kitchen renovation!

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Sep 27 Progress Update

Thank you to those that have sent us anecdotes! We look forward to publishing these in the coming days. Please feel free to continue sending them to us.

As an update to progress that we are making on the kitchen, we’ve recently gotten confirmation that a contractor willing be coming to scope out our waste lines (to determine the path that they take inside the house and outside to the road). We unfortunately have no records of this from the initial building of the kitchen, so this is a part of the project that is necessary, regardless of the contractor we decide to do the project.

We also gave a presentation at Homecoming – to those that attended, what did you think? We’d love to hear any feedback!

As always, thank you to those that have donated in recent days. In particular, we are very thankful to those that have donated multiple times! For those that have not donated yet or would like to climb a donation tier, please do contribute to us! We believe this is an important and critical project, and we hope you think so too. Every single cent that is raised is used for the kitchen renovation project – the entire committee works completely as volunteers!

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Collecting Anecdotes!

As part of our campaign to renovate the kitchen, we thought it would be humorous and nostalgic to collect some anecdotes regarding the kitchen. Specifically, we’re looking for funny (or serious, as well!) stories from your time using Northcote’s kitchen … we know that we all must have many!

If you have any stories, whether short, long, funny, sad, scary, or really, any story that is a fond memory for you, please tell us about it! We’ll post them here (we can leave them anonymous if preferred) and include some in the upcoming Fall Traveler as space allows.

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50 Donors!

We’ve quickly reached another milestone – fifty donors have contributed to this campaign! Thank you to each and every one of you, you are helping to push us to our goal.

A special shout-out to Christian Choi, who was our fiftieth donor; he is class of 2016, the most recent class and only graduated three months ago! It is exciting to see all generations getting involved with making the kitchen.

We’re looking to keep working on this momentum as we continue the project. If you have not made a contribution or know someone that hasn’t, please do so! And if you would like to get involved, we always have lots of fun work to be done – get in contact with us!

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Over $10,000 raised!

We’ve reached our first milestone in this campaign to renovate the kitchen, having surpassed $10,000 raised recently. Thank you to those have contributed to this effort!

A running tally of the number of donors as well as our total raised can be seen on our Kitchen Supporters page.

In addition, class of 2015 has surpassed class of 2012 as the highest percentage donating! See the full list below – help your class gain the lead!

Data 1

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July 24 Update

We have another update as we continue our work! In the project realm, we are waiting to hear back from and set up meetings with contractors as we try to acquire multiple offers to choose from.

We also put up information about this website on the Cornell Acacia Facebook, the Cornell Acacia website, and the recently released Summer 2016 Triad sent out by National HQ. We got a lot of good feedback about the site and have tried to implement some suggestions and are also in the process of making further additions!

In addition, as we continue to get donations, we looked into the donations by class. Currently, class of 2012 has the highest participation rate with 38% contributing! Check out the figure below for more – for brevity, we have not included classes that had no participation. In the interest of friendly competition, donate today and help your class beat the others!


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